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All of our canapés are served on a selection of contemporary plates and, where possible, decorated with your colour theme. We also have a set menu were you choose any 4 for a set price. This offer assumes a minimum of 50 guests and the canapés are booked along with a Wedding Breakfast. Enquire for further details

À la carte

Our main menu to select from when looking at having a sit down meal – but nothing is set in stone you can select different starters/main courses and puddings and we will guide you as to what works well with what (and how your choices fit with your budget!). We also find that a tasting usually helps to decide the full menu if there’s a little indecision! The only thing that we definitely recommend is choosing from the right seasonal menu for your event either Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter – the benefits are obvious – seasonality of produce, suitability and it certainly helps to keep a handle on the purse strings!

Guests are provided with a fork, and then our staff circulate with individual bowls of a variety of different menu choices, with each member of staff carrying a tray with several bowls of one menu choice.

We usually recommend you select about 7/8 savory choices and 2/3 pudding choices. Guests can pick and choose their own selections, either choosing a variety of options or simply having several bowls of their favorite!

There are so many options to choose from when trying to pick your Evening Buffet – herewith just a few ideas for you. We tend to recommend that you only aim to cater for about 80% of your number but that tends to depend on lots of different factors so we can chat about all of these things with you when we meet.

If you’re looking for something slightly less formal and providing more choices for your guests, then a buffet may well be for you. Our buffets are always beautifully presented, often dressed with fresh pots of herbs and fresh flowers and set on different layers to create more interest. You could either have a sit down buffet (where guests are seated and invited to the buffet, table by table by our event managers) or you could opt for a fork buffet which provides the option to move about a little more.

We have put together a variety of Drinks packages for you to choose from that are all inclusive and so much easier to manage than DIY! We supply everything that you need including the glassware and the package is unlimited! These specific packages are designed for Weddings but we’d be delighted to put together packages for dinner and parties as well.

Our wine list gives you the opportunity to mix and match in terms of wine choices, it also means that you only pay for exactly what you use – there’s a little more flexibility of choice but without having to do the heavy work yourself.


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